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Family History

Recent updates

Yet another enquiry just received this time about

 Hannah Mussett

Great grandson of Hannah Mussett,  Karl, believes she left Mersea for London and married a Mr Mott. Karl’s grandmother Hilda Mott was brought up in Mersea and London.  Karl himself remembers his mother telling stories of visiting the ‘house’ just before the war. He, himself, visited the Island about 20 years ago and spoke to a man running the oyster shed  ( Douglas  Mussett) He talked a little about the family and shared some oysters.  Last year on a return visit he found the shed now selling boats  and a new house built on the site opposite. He now lives in Suffolk and is looking for family photos and more information

Ron has looked up some information on Hannah and family but as yet not found any more about Mott

In the 1881 census Hannah 11 years  listed as daughter of George and Emma Mussett with brothers

In 1901 George Mussett (63) was a fisherman on his own account

Wife Emma (60), Clark (26) unmarried, Moses (20) unmarried and Charles (9) a scholar

Re: Albert Kirby - one time proprietor of the Fountain Hotel

January 2007

Just before Christmas we received an email from the great grandson of the above. Albert Kirby was proprietor of the Fountain Hotel sometime before 1927 when he died.  He moved to Mersea sometime after 1908, fought in the Boer War and  was a member of the Buffaloes.  He also played football for Mersea.

One of Albert’s daughters, Edith, married Robert Salmon, son of farmer Thomas Salmon. One of his sisters, Mabel, lived on the Island all her life

Albert’s great grandson, Andy, has asked Ron if he can provide any further information.

Ron has managed to find out a bit about this family

A 1929 ‘Kelly’s Directory’ lists Charles S Kirby as proprietor of the Fountain Hotel

The 1936 Register of Electors lists Mary, Emily Robert and Edith Salmon living at Weathercock Farm, West Mersea

The 1901 Census lists Thomas (42), wife Mary (38) Emily (9) Grace (8) and Constance (6)

Emily M Salmon  resided in Weathercock Cottages in the Register of Electors of 1969 but not in !980.   There wa a Mis or Mrs salmon living in the cottage in the lane leading to Weathercock not so long ago  Ibelieve I have some details but cannot find them at presentBrian Jay is checking if he can  find further information from his more extensive archives

If any reader can offer more information it will be passed on to Andy who may be visiting Mersea later this month

Re Ebenezer Ward

October 2006

On return from holiday Ron was interested to find an email from Carolyn Ward. Carolyn, currently tracing her family history, was enquiring about Russells Hall Farm at East Mersea, whether it actually existed in the early 1800s. She had it on good authority that Ebenezer Ward was a young boy growing up in Mersea at the time. He lived at the said property which belonged to his great grandfather, John Ward of Colchester, who died in 1826and passed the home on to his son , another John Ward.  When Ebenezer was 8 years old, he was placed at Dumpton Hall, a Collegiate School established by Sir Samuel Morton Peto of Peto, Brassey and Betts.  The Brassey of that firm was the father of the then present Lord Brassey of Sunbeam Farm and at one time Governor of Victoria (maybe in Australia), Sir Samuel acquired his baronetcy in recognition of the rapid construction of his firm, of the railway from Balaclava to Sebastopol in the early times of the Crimean War

Carolyn requested help to verify the above information which has come into her possession to be able to include or discount from her family’s history

Carolyn added that Eebenezer Ward emigrated to Australia and was First Minister for Agriculture in South Australia. He resided in parliament there from 1894 to 1900.  He was later laid to rest in Karrakatta Cemetery in Western Australia in 1917

Ron’s reply:-

Hello Carolyn

I can tell you that Rewsalls Farm is still very much up and running and, by the look of the house, it has been there many hundreds of years. What records I have, of the Ward family living there, come from the Census returns , the earliest of which comes from

1841 - John Ward 35 (farmer), Sarah Ward 35, Sarah Ward 30 Elizabeth Ward 24.

I do not have the returns for 1851

1861 returns - John Ward (farmer) employing 17 men, 4 boys on 225 acres born St Giles, Colchester, Mary Ann Ward 50 (wife) born West Mersea, Sara Ward 56 and Elizabeth Ward 45 unmarried sisters (John’s) born Colchester, John Woodward 8 (nephew) scholar born West Mersea, Emmie Ward 21 unmarried visitor born Colchester, 2 servants.

1871 - John Ward 64 (farmer), Mary Ann Ward 60 wife, Sarah  66, Elizabeth 54 (John’s sisters) John Woodward 18 (nephew), same 2 servants.

1881 - Mary Ann Ward (widow), occupier of 200 acres employing 11 men, 2 boys, John Woodward 28 (farmer), Alice Elizabeth Woodward 26 (wife) born Sheerness, Beta May Woodward 2 (daughter), William H Woodward 6 months both born Mersea.

I do not have returns for 1891 or 1901.

There is no mention of Ebenezer but he could have been there between 1841 and 1861.  I hope this may be of some help to you and if I can find out more, I will let you know.

Mersea Pearl

Kay Chittenden has asked if Ron knows about the vessel Mersea Pearl. His findings are that it was a yacht owned by the late Bill Newman who took her to the Mediterranean.  It passed to Bill’s daughter, then is believed to have been sold to an Italian who gave it to his daughter for a wedding present

Mersea Pearl

Kay Chittenden (nee Quigley) former Mersea Girl now living in California has asked about the vessel Mersea Pearl. Ron has made some enquiries. It seems she was a yacht owned by the late Bill Newman who took her to the Mediterranean. She was later passed to Bill’s daughter, who then sold her on to an Italian who gave her to his daughter as a wedding present.  Both Ron and Kay would be pleased to receive any further information.

William Dowsing

31st March  2007 (email received)

Hello Ron & Wendy,

Ron, Would you please have any information, on a William Dowsing, listed as a farmer, in 1860. On the marriage certificate, of his daughter Emma Cecilia Dowsing to Benjamin Hews.

I believe he may have farmed at East Mersea, would dearly love to know which farm?

Thank You.


1st april 2007 (Ron’s reply)


The 1841 census for East Mersea shows Charles Dowsing, farmer at Dowsings Farm

I have no other information for that year as I don't have the complete census for East Mersea for that year

However , there is still a cottage at the bottom of Shop Lane called 'Dowsings'

The 1861 census for East Mersea shows the following:-

Wyer Farm

Charles Dowsing head  26 farm labourer                  born East Mersea

Eleanor Dowsing wife   28                                                      "

Rebecca     "       daughter 9 months                                        "

East Road

Mira Dowsing widow (of Charles the 1841 farmer?) 52  afflicted,  born Langenhoe

Lucy Dowsing daughter                                            15  waits upon mother     born East Mersea

1881 census for East Mersea

High Road

Charles and Eleanor Dowsing with children - John Charles 28 lab, Henry J.15 lab. Moses C. 10 sch. Anna M. 8 sch. Elizabeth M 5, Maud E.1

High Road( next to Home House Farm)

Maria Dowson head widow 70

Edward Clarke  son in law  widower 35 Farmers son  born E.Mersea

Minnie Clarke daug.11 sch

Walter       "     son   8 sch

George     "      son   6 sch

Margaret  "     daug  3

West Mersea census for 1851

George Hews  head 55 superannuated coast guard    born Bradwell

Benjamin Hews  son  13 sch  born South Benfleet

I don't have all the census returns for East Mersea so I'm afraid there are some gaps but I hope this imformation will be of help

Best wishes



Fountain Hotel  (watercolour)

23rd November  We recently had a request for information about the Pooley family of Hall House  (Mary Mahala b. 1865)  of East Mersea.  Ron looked up entries in the 1861 census which listed ten family members and he has now found 2 entries in 1851 William Master Shoemaker born in Suffolk and daughter Sarah plus a visitor Thomas Mott. Other than that he was unable to help further. Should anyone know any more Jacqui is researching the family tree